10 Winter Defense Tips

On the 10th Day of Christmas, Craze Texture brought to me, 10 Winter Defense Tips!
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winter pledge: 1. I will try not to let my scarf or the collar of my coat rub against my chin and cause chaffing. 2. I will try not to take scolding hot showers but warm ones instead and I won’t blow the car heater onto my face, but use the vents on the floor boards only. 3. every morning I will start with a hyaluronic acid serum and follow it with a moisturizing cream containing SPF. 4. throughout the day I will refresh my face with a hydrating mist that I will keep in my purse. 5. every evening after I wash my face, I will apply a deep moisturizing night cream, no matter how tired I am from a long day. 6. I will avoid harsh facial scrubs that could cause irritation but instead gently use a wash cloth to keep my cell turnover turning. 7. once a week I will slather a moisturizing mask all over my face for 10 minutes. 8. I will apply and re-apply lip balm numerous times every day. 9. I will keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. 10. I will wear SPF 50+ when skiing/snowboarding and try not to let my coat collar massacre my chin.


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