12 Packing Fashion Tips

On the 12th Day of Christmas, Craze Texture brought to me:
12 Packing Tips!

If you’re stuck on what to pack for your next trip take a look at these suggestions and get to planning. Tailor the items based on the weather and cultural norms of your destination.
1. Stick to thin, lightweight knits that you can layer.
2. Bulky clothing, such as sweaters and jeans, should always be worn on travel days so that it doesn’t take up extra room in your suitcase.

3. You’ll find people wear jeans all over the world. So pack your favorite pair. Stay away from loose, relaxed fits and opt for a flattering pair.
4. Pack a t-shirt, choose from loose and drapey to long and lean. Whatever type of tee suits you, pack it, just remember to stay away from oversize, bulky cotton t-shirts. Pair t-shirts with jeans, cardigan, and flats for a simple look. Long tunic tees look great with leggings or skinnies for a casual look.
5. Accessories easily add style. If you only bring one accessory always go with a scarf. Use it on the plane as a lightweight blanket or add a pop of color and texture to outfits.

6. Separates give you plenty of outfit options, just choose a color palette that can easily mix and match. Pack neutrals along with one accent color for accessories.
7. Take your pick on sweaters. A drapeway flyaway cardigan, a fitted cardigan, or a comfortable pullover. Longer length sweaters can do double duty because they can help provide extra coverage when wearing leggings and give you even more travel outfit options.
8. Leggings always make it into my suitcase because they work for warm or cold weather. In colder weather I pair them with a long sweater, rain coat, and boots. In warm weather with a loose tunic or a day dress and sandals. They also make great pj’s.

9. A good day dress works well on it’s own or over leggings. Dress it up with accessories for evening. Skirts dress up nicely as well.
10. Pack footwear that is comfortable and stylish and that makes sense for the type of trip you’re taking. Pack a pair of dressy shoes if your activities require them, otherwise simple ballet flats or dress you up while being comfortable.
11. Check the weather of your destination and bring the right outerwear for the conditions. Trench coats remain a classic and timeless choice.
12. The right sunglasses always look chic.


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