Pin Curls

Back in the olden days they used pincurls so their hair could be curly since they didn't have heat products. However, today Pincurls are great to do if; 1) Your hair doesn't hold curl, 2) Your hair is damaged & needs a gentle style 3) You are wanting something different & cute!

Whenever I'm in a humid area this is the only thing that gives me curls that don't end up going frizzy!
They do take some practice, so the first time you do them, make sure you don't have anything important to go to that night or next day :) Once you get down your technique then its a breeze! I can have my whole head set in 10 mins.
  • The bigger your section the longer it will take to dry.
  • Always smooth the section with a comb before rolling.
  • If you will be sleeping, use flat pincurls on the sides & back.
  • Place the curls how you would like them to fall, if you want them to curl toward your face then roll them that way, act like you are using the curling iron.
Let me know if you have any problems :)


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