2 strand Updo

Sorry everyone! I've been gone the past couple of weeks so I haven't been able to post. For this style I just have pictures of what I did & I'll try to give the best explanation possible, but don't let this deter you because this was super easy! Plus messy styles give lots of leeway for mistakes :)

I actually just wore this in my hair the first day & kept my hair all down & straight, the first hair tye I backcombed first then just put in the elastic, next section pick up more hair and put in elastic, i did it slightly going back & down at an angle doing 4 total.
Braid the strand that is left out from the elastics. & bobby pin back.
using the 2 strand Braid, seperate remaing hair into 3 big sections and braid each section into a 2 strand Braid, you can add into the Braid like I did above or to keep it simple just simply braid the section. Once the Braid goes all the way to your ends roll up the braid & secure with bobby pins, if you have pieces that stick out thats okay.

Do this same thing, Braid & swirl, roll up the braid and bobby pin Backcomb left out pieces.

Hairspray & you're ready to go! I especially love Redken's 12 hold!


  1. Shoot. I absolutely LOVE this, but I cannot for the life of me get how you did it. Ps. I love the red in your hair!

    Do you have tips on hair dos on shorter hair? My hair is a bob length now. Long enough for a tiny low ponytail, but that's about it. Can I do ANYTHING with it? I love your posts! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  2. Yes! there is so much you can do with shorter hair! I'll try to get my sister to post something because her hair is short right now too. Check out the braid section for sure and the curls. Braids & curls are so cute in short hair! I should've done a video for this style, i'll have to do that sometime :)


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