Piano and Toy Room Remodel

So it has been FOREVER since I have posted in Craze Texture! Craze Texture covers all sorts of textures including furniture remodeling and in this feature, home remodeling. I'm going to take you through my Toy Room Makeover. It might take a bit because I'm also working on some furniture remodeling at the moment. Speaking of which here is a piano I just finished...

Before: This was a sad piano experiencing who knows what to take off the front...anyway it needed some TLC

My hubby helped by adding trim and bead board. Next I primed all of the surfaces.

Continuing on I painted a red coat twice to make sure it was covered. Then I applied black paint/ water mixture to glaze, the ratio was probably about 3/4 black paint to 1/4 water. Paint it on then have a rag handy to wipe off. 

To really add some depth I then antiqued in all of the edges and cracks with more black paint- this time the black paint was not watered down. Also have a rag handy so you can have it be distressed just how you want. 

Last step is to apply a top coat. I loved how it turned out!
Anyway so now I'm onto getting a cute toy room that will enhance learning and play, that will also be fun if we have boys over to play, because right now with my two girls its completely pink and purple princess everywhere! Now I'm having another girl...so needless to say when my friends with boys come over they are sometimes bored. So it will still be girly but also kind of neutral. Here's what I'm starting with so stay tuned for the process :)


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