Toy Room Reveal!

Here is the Toy Room Before:

Tada! I'm so excited about how it turned out! I love the colors and different prints.

There is a dress up corner, this is probably their favorite spot.

If you can't tell I even painted the lamp green so it would match :). I wanted there to be different aspects of playing: so there is a craft area where we can hang their art and a chalkboard. They have their pretending area with toys, and then my favorite part...

The reading nook. Its fun to snuggle together on the bed and read books together, plus it gives an extra bed for when company stays.

The part that tied it all together was the pictures on the wall, at first everything was kid level which created a straight line all around, once I added the pictures it draws your eyes up. I got the rug at (I loved the print of it but when I got it the texture is really rough, I was I had gotten a softer rug), the material for the bed I got at Johann's Fabric, Fabric totes I bought some at Walmart and some on Amazon. Pillows on the bed came from Johanns Fabric, Amazon, and Walmart. The cute hamper I used to hold the stuffed animals I found at Walmart. 


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