Fish Tail Braid Updo

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1) start by seperating the section into 2 big pieces 2) taking from the outside cross small pieces from the right section to the left section & from  the left section to the right section. 3) continue crossing back and forth keeping it tight and you will creat the fish tail braid! 4) secure with elastic and take small strand of hair to wrap around to conceal the elastic. 5) do a regular braid then use elastic to secure 6) finish with the fish tail braid... OR 7) after step 3, create a two strand braid by taking both pieces and twisting to the right, cross them over to the left, you can also finish it here OR 8) twist up the two strand and use elastic to start a messy bun, use bobby pins to secure pieces until it looks good. Sorry if this is confusing, its like I said though, I usually will start something, take it out, start something else and keep doing that till its what I want haha. Good Luck!


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