Zig Zag Braid Updo

Zig Zag Updo

1) seperate the hair into 3 sections 2) backcomb the top in the crown area and put on a head band 3) put the middle section in a ponytail after back combing 4) you can braid the bottom section or whatever you desire for a design, I did a two strand braid then ended up taking it out and just pulling the bottome up. 5) take the crown and bobby pin by crossing the bobby pins to secure. this gives height to the ponytail. 6) braid sections on both sides and then push up two of the strands while holding one. 7) secure these and finish by bobby pinning the bottom up OR 8) split the pony tail into to sections and braid both 9) turn the braids up and bobby pin to look like a messy bun, leave out little pieces for a spikey look


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