Branching out into new areas!

I am going to start adding posts about how to style uniforms! My daughter is going to a school with uniforms and I thought it would be fun to dive into. A lot of times when we think of uniforms, it's dreaded because, how can you possibly add style and uniqueness to this?! It is possible, and I have found the process really fun! Not to mention, I think she looks absolutely adorable! Could be biased. I can't wait to get my daughter dressed every morning in another outfit haha, wish I felt the same way about getting myself dressed. Anyway, so we'll start from her first day, included in these posts will also be ways to style hair.

I bought this button up navy blue dress on Zulily. It has a collar on it so you don't have to worry about layering. Give it a pop of color with red tights and finished off with sparkle blue shoes. Our girls have to have sparkle on them at all times!

The details in the tights add TEXTURE!!

I just love the detail on the sleeves.


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