Khaki Jumper

A Khaki Jumper with belt & pleats is the perfect cute/ comfy combo! Say that 10 times fast. Layered underneath is a white polo. I found this jumper on Zulily and got the polo at Target.

I can't get enough of these knee high socks! White with embroidered hearts, the perfect accessory to any jumper! I got the socks at Children's Place. Finished off with you guessed it, sparkly silver flats from Walmart. 

To get the hair: Start with parting the hair on the side. Make sure the hair in front is wet, braids are so much easier that way. Section off hair from the top of the head to just behind the ears on the side with the bigger part. French braid until you get to the end of the section, continue braiding down the strand and secure with a pony tail. On the smaller side of the part, or the left side in this picture you are going to french braid only picking up from the bottom. Braid all the way around the head to the side, pull the loose braid in as well and secure in a pony tail. Add a flower to dress it up!

** To make this cute red bow: Buy Red Satin material, must be satin to burn correctly. Cut into different sizes of circles. Use a candle and burn the edges until it crinkles in. Glue the pieces together with hot glue, I always have random jewels and pieces lying around, so pick whatever and glue in the center. Glue a clip to the back. Finished!


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