Halloween Picture

The month of October is just around the corner so I'm starting to make some Halloween decorations now so I'll have them to decorate with! So excited! I love decorating!

For this project I went to Deseret Industries and picked up this beautiful Christmas Cookie Tray for only $1.00! You can also get an oval frame, or whatever shape your heart desires!

I then bought some KRYLON Fusion black spray paint at walmart for about $4.00, this was a good investment because I can use it on multiple projects! Plus this type of spray paint does not need sanding or priming before use, it can be used on plastic, metal, wood, wicker, & more! So great! Perfect for this little metal tray...

Next I got some cute Halloween scrapbook paper at...ROSS, Yeah I didn't know they had scrapbook paper either! I got a 500 pack for only $6.99!!!! I was so excited! It even has glitter on some pages which those pages normally cost about $1.00 per sheet. Take a favorite piece and cut to the shape you are using it with.

Next get yourself a cute Pumpkin, I got my pumpkin at walmart for .99 cents! Make sure it is styrofoam so you can cut it in half.

Next using MOD PODGE & a brush paint on the mod podge on the tray, lay the paper on top, and then coat the paper with a layer of mod podge. To give it an even look I even painted mod podge on the edges of the tray.

Plug in your hot glue gun and use it to adhere the pumpkin to the paper. Next using stickers, create the message you would like, I did "Happy Halloween." Paint mod Podge over the letters, let dry & you have an adorable Halloween Decoration! Don't stop here, you could also use this same idea for different Holidays!


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