Cute Halloween Jars

This is a project I've been working on, these Halloween Jars are cute & really easy to do. You could do this as a craft night with your kids or just for fun to add some decor this Halloween season!
First paint the jars,

With this white jar, I wanted to make a mummy, 
after painting it white, I used tule & Mod Podge to attach it to the jar

Like this...

After I painted, & did the tule for the Mummy, I painted faces on the rest of the jars using black paint,
then I got googly eyes & hot glued them on. For the Witch I used artificial hair & hot glued it, then I layed ribbon around the edge to help secure it to the jar. After you finish them you can place candles inside & light them up! So cute!


  1. SO stinkin' cute!!! We just might have to do these to put in our windows! And find some of those flickering tea lights....LOVE!!!


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