Rocking Chair Makeover

So my wonderful Aunt gave this rocking chair to me when we got Annabelle, but I really wanted it to match her other furniture! So I discovered this amazing stuff called Gel Stain, because believe me I did not want to sand down all of those tiny areas, would of taken me a century! Anyway I got the Gel Stain at a Home Decor store. It's so great you just paint it right on! Using a bristle brush can give you a look like wood. thats what I used. The ladies down at that store were so creative! They used the gel stain on walls, mirrors, plates, Anything!



  1. Love it! I don't think I could ever refinish furniture and have it turn out cute! :)

  2. Oh but its soo easy! Especially with gel stain, you literally don't have to do anything but paint it on! Plus if it looks bad you can always repaint over it :)


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