Halloween Door Decor

This is a cute Witch Decor to put on your door for Halloween! Super easy to make too!

 First get a hoop of some sort...I used a hose my dog had chewed up. Then using Black tule & material tie knots around the hose, I left a gap in the middle where the board would lay. Paint a piece of wood, I used Red paint to create poka dots, then I finished by painting our name.
Next you'll want to make your witche's Legs. I used some material I had laying around cut two strips & folded it over to give it a little thickness. Then using black fun foam I cut out the shoes, create leg warmers or socks by using lace. This is fun because you can use whatever prints you want!

Hot glue the socks & shoes on, then I used ribbon to create a bow by hot gluing the ribbon around & then tying a bow.

Glue your legs to the hoop. & then the board! I use a wreath hanger to hang it on my door! Happy Halloween!


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