Curly Braid Updo

 Tips: this one is better with wavy or curly hair to begin with because you want a messy look to it. 1) start by back combing the front area 2) braid the front by just picking up from the front side 3) once you have the braid to spread across as long as you want in the front then just finish by braiding without adding anymore hair. 4) tuck braid under & bobby pin to secure 5) back comb pieces horizontally all the way to the low crown 5) Take head band and place where you like, I like to leave out face framing pieces 6) Take sort of a triangle section in the crown to create a small "pouf" and bobby pin by crossing the bobby pins 7) take a big section on both sides of the head and braid and pin for the bobby pins are crossed 8) do a braid up the back in 3 parts, don't worry if this part is messy and actually doesn't look like a braid, it all adds to the look 9) Secure the head band by placing bobby pins going forward-keeps it from sliding back 10) I bobby pinned any pieces that were sticking out weird. 


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