Curly Hair


Curly Hair Maintenance
  Conditioning is the key
  •  Best to go every other day in between shampoos, (I like to use a shower cap so your hair doesn't get all frizzy)
  • Washing hair Routine: Day 1- Shampoo Scalp & Condition all of hair, Day 2- shower cap, Day 3- use conditioner like a shampoo and scrub, then comb through with fingers and rinse (does not work for straight hair will only make it greasy looking, curly hair is naturally dryer than straight hair). Day 4- shower cap, Day 5- shampoo all over and condition. Keep repeating and you'll have fabulous beautiful curls! 
  • Stay tuned for a how to video on styling curly hair! It'll make you want to Twist & Shout!


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