Topsy Turvey Bun

1) Part hair into a shape such as a square, rectangle, or Triangle. Picture below started with a triangle. 2) Put in small elastic, create a hole in the middle, push elastic through the hole and pull through, secure. 3) Section next part below and repeat step 2.

1) To put this style all up continue creating topsy turveys around the head until above the ear. 2) Secure into a low side ponytail 3) Create a braid 4) Pin Braid up to create a loop 5) seperate to create the look of a bun 6) using a comb, back comb random pieces to seperate. 7) Keep in mind that there is never a mistake, sometimes my so called "Mistakes" create the best styles! Just Go with it and you might be surprised at what you end up with. If all else fails you can always take it out and start again :) Good Luck! 



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