Skin Tones...What to wear!

Have you ever thought that you look better in some colors, or have an on day and off the next? Well nows the time to STOP having off days! Figuring out the seasonal palette that looks best on you can be life changing! Gain confidence and bring out your best self!
Below is a basic chart that can help you to determine what season you are, I also love the following website to gain more information:

Color Placement on the Body
 Warmer and Lighter

Red-Orange and Yellow move forward on the figure and may cause it to appear larger if used all over.
Cooler, Dark and
Muted Colors
Minimizes figure size. Shades of blue, green, purple and rose fall into this category, as do the dark neutrals like gray, brown and taupe.
Using an unbroken line of color head to toe adds height and therefore slimness to a figure
Light and Dark Combinations
Always place the darkest colors on the bottom. The light adds height and the dark bottom will minimize the lower half of your figure.

Generally Colors Convey the Following Messages
Lighter, Soft
Approachable, Gentle, Feminine
Muted, Dull
 Controlled, Conservative, Introverted
 Energetic, Exciting, Animated, Extroverted
Credible, Authoritative, Assertive
 Friendly, Approachable, Down to Earth

Possibly inexpensive or unsophisticated
Cool Colors
 Conservative, Classic, Businesslike

Possibly Expensive or Sophisticated


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