How often to wash hair

Wait at least 48 hours after coloring hair to shampoo it. Every time you wash your hair you open the cuticle -- so give hair time to seal in the color.

Its also good to avoid washing your hair every day. Washing your hair strips it of its natural oils drying your hair out. Every hair texture is different, so you need to discover what's right for your hair. Typically curly hair tends to be dryer than straight hair and therefore can be washed less often. If you decide to wash your hair less often, you'll need to train it to do so. Start by washing every other day. Once your hair is used to this, meaning it produces less oil at the scalp, then go another day without etc until you've found the right amount of time. I know girls who go 5 days and their hair looks fabulous! The trick is being able to style it up using different cute braids and curls. As for my hair I'm transitioning to every two days.

If you want to go longer because your ends are dry, but your scalp is too oily, try using a dry shampoo. I LOVE Tigi's Dirty Little Secret. The Trick is to make it so others don't know you didn't wash you hair :)


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