Two Strand Braid

Come follow @amysearletexture on Istagram! Two Strand Braid: Pull hair into a pony tail, seperate the hair into 2 strands, twist both strands to the right, then cross over to the left, secure with a hair tie at the bottom. Looks intricate but is sooo SIMPLE! Or check out below for a step by step tutorial:

Two-Strand Braid
#1 Start with two strands of hair, best if you keep them more rectangular.
Twist both strands in your fingers to the right.
#2 Cross Right Strand over the top of the Left Strand

#3 Pick up hair and add to both strands, Twist to the right
Cross Right Strand over the top of the left strand

#4 Continue repeating steps 1-3 moving along the head
in your desired direction, in these pictures the two strand braid is following the hairline.

Finished Braid

This Braid is cute to stop at the ear and add a flower or other hair accessory

you can also continue around the head- finishing with an elastic or messy bun
Check out Buns to see this style finished with a Messy Bun


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