Spunky Half Up

I did this style on my client Jenna :), She's so sweet she went home took pictures & sent them to me so I can show them to you! It's super easy, I'll try to get a video sometime. All you do  is back comb alot in the crown area so its sticking out in different directions. Next take a bobby pin- open it and swirl it into the hair about 3 times to the right & 3 times to the left, secure the bobby pin. The key to this style is keeping it messy. Once you get the crowned pinned half up, pull the sides back doing a criss cross with your bobby pins. Back comb the pieces and do the same trick swirling the bobby pin to the right and to the left. to finish the look back comb any pieces that look to solid, and you can back comb below the half up section to blend it down. Dress it up with an accessory and you're good to go! Have fun!


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